UltraSurf Interface

Ultrasurf’s interface is easy to use and comprehend, it looks like an app from 1998. The icons are low resolution and have low color depth. These are the stock icons you can find on a machine running Windows 2000.

The UltraSurf Interface is shown on the desktop during the whole process when UltraSurf is running. A user may minimize the interface. The following is the instruction for all function keys:

· “Home”: You may click it to reopen the homepage.
· “Retry”: It is currently disabled and has no effect.
· “Option”: It provides advanced settings.
· “Help”: It will prompt this user guide on the IE browser.
· “Exit”: Click this key to stop Ultrasurf. By default, UltraSurf will clear the browsing history, restore default setting and perform a series of other tasks before quitting the program. Please refer to Step 5 “Exit UltraSurf Program”. A user may also click the “X” key on the upper right corner of the UltraSurf interface to stop the program.

Advance Setting

The default setting of UltraSurf is intended to protect the users’ safety. Users with special needs may alter these settings to specify whether they want to clear the browsing history, to delete Cookie and to use proxy. The following are detailed instructions for the options in “advanced setting”.
“Do not use IE”: if you do not want to use IE with UltraSurf, you may select this option. When selected, UltraSurf will not manage or change any IE settings and other IE related options will be inactive.
“Delete Cookie” Button: click here to delete all the Cookies immediately.
“Delete History” Button: click here to delete all browsing history immediately
“Start IE automatically”: If this option is checked, UltraSurf will automatically open an IE browser on start; if this option is unchecked, UltraSurf will not open IE browser or any other website when it is started.
“Delete cookie automatically on exit”: UltraSurf will automatically delete Cookie when exit. This is the default setting. The user may decide not to delete Cookie and uncheck this option.
“Delete history automatically on exit”: UltraSurf will automatically delete the browse history on exit if this option is checked.
“Close IE immediately on exit”: When this option is checked, UltraSurf software will close all IE browsers and all websites when it exits. If this option is unchecked, the user may choose to retain or close IE windows.
“Do not close IE on exit”: When this option is checked, UltarSurf will not close IE windows, nor will it show the “Exit Warning” window on exit.
“Hide Golden Lock (take effect on next start)”: By default a Golden Lock on lower right corner of the window indicates you are under UltraSurf’s protection. You may hide the Golden Lock by checking this option which will take effect next time you start UltraSurf.
“Proxy setting” Button: click it to enter the proxy setting window. Please refer to “Manual Proxy Setting” below.

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