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Frequently Asked Questions:

———————– Security ———————–
1. Is it safe to use UltraSurf to visit any websites? Can third party software monitor what websites are being opened?
A: UltraReach uses advanced technology for encryption. All the contents are encrypted. No third party can detect what websites you are visiting. Privacy is our first priority.

2. If I use UltraSurf to post on forums or visit web sites, does the forum or web site know my real IP?
A: No. UltraSurf uses advance proxy technology. It will hide your real IP from all websites.

3. After using UltraSurf, are there any web history records on my computer?
A: No. After you quit the program, UltraSurf will clean all web history.

4. Is UltraSurf a Trojan or virus?
A: Neither. UltraSurf provides users with state-of-the-art internet technology to break through firewall safely. It is a popular anti-censorship software, not a Trojan or virus. Some anti-virus software companies classify UltraSurf as a Trojan software simply because UltraSurf is able to break through firewalls. It is a mistake and a wrong classification. We are in the process of resolving this issue with these anti-virus companies through technique channels and legal channels. It is our mission to protect users’ privacy when browsing the internet. Please rest assured that UltraSurf will not touch any of the documents on your PC.

——— Start/Shutdown/Configuration ———
5. What should I do if UltraSurf cannot connect to internet?
A: Please follow the steps below:
1) Check if you can connect to internet directly.
2) If your internet is OK, please shutdown your firewall, anti-virus Software. Restart the UltraSurf.
3) If you still cannot connect to internet, it is probably because our servers are too busy. Please try it again later. If you have this problem very often, please send us your detailed platform and network environment information.

6. Why is UltraSurf sometimes unable find servers?
A: If it is temporarily network issue, you can try it later. If you see UltraSurf user interface displays “network connection failure, check your network and proxy setting”, please check network connection setting or proxy setting, and firewall setting. If you still cannot connect to our sites, please send us your detailed platform and network environment information.

7. After starting UltraSurf, IE browser cannot automatically start.
A: You can open IE browser manually. You probably have disabled the ‘auto start IE’ option. You can enable it by clicking Advance Setting on UltraSurf interface. Please refer to UltraSurf User Guide Advance Setting section.

8. What can I do if the speed is slower than normal?
A: Please click Search again on UltraSurf, then try these steps
1) Select different proxy servers
2) Check if you already set your own proxy
3) Check configuration “Advance Setting”->”Proxy Setting”, details see User Guide Advance Setting.

9. If turn on ZoneAlarm firewall package, when starting UltraSurf, ZoneAlarm popup a window asking “UltraSurf MFC Application is trying to access the web.”
A: Just click “Allow” button.

10. Use my own proxy server and cannot connect to internet, why?
A: Probably your proxy is invalid. Please verify it. Many users search proxies by their own channels and some proxies already expire. One of the great technology contributions from UltraReach is to link all unstable proxy server resources all over the world, so as to provide a large number and stable resource of proxy servers. Users can now browse the internet freely with easy steps.

11. Some companies block port 9666, which is used by UltraSurf, how do I bypass it?
A: 9666 is local port. We will add an option to let users set the port.

————————- Usage ————————
12. UltraSurf pops up a window and asks me to update, what does that mean?
A: It is UltraSurf’s auto-upgrade. The new version is saved to the same location automatically as the old version.

13. If UltraSurf is running and my computer abnormally shuts down, does it impact my IE browser?
A: Yes. But it can be recovered easily. If your IE browser cannot connect to internet, restart UltraSurf and exit normally. Your IE should work normally.

14. Some pictures cannot be displayed in UltraSurf’s environment?
A: Probably because network is busy and UltraSurf cannot get pictures from servers. You can refresh your browser or try to clean your browser cache. For example, if you use IE, just click Tools->Internet Option->Delete Files. UltraSurf can auto-clean cache and history if normal exit.

15. When using UltraSurf’s IE version, does it impact other browsers such as firefox, opera and some download software?
A: No impact. When using UltraSurf’s firefox version, it will protect your firefox traffic, no impact to other browsers.

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